iMagnitizer™ - Magnetic Phone Holder

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The latest Work from Home Hack, the iMagnitizer™.
Welcome to the future, where multi-tasking increases your productivity.
The iMagnitizer™ is the first magnetic phone holder ever to be used as a screen expansion tool for your laptop, tablet, or monitor.
Take calls while you work on your laptop,
Multitask, take notes, or watch videos,
Double screen anywhere you go,
No more messy workspaces.

WHY Magnitizer™?
With iMagnitizer™, your phone becomes the essential piece to help you manage your daily tasks.
Never miss urgent messages or emails, work on mobile apps in real-time, share your screen while still seeing the participants on your Zoom meetings.

Multi-tasking is a must nowadays but there isn't a single product out there to help you with it, UNTIL NOW!

Peel off the sticker on the back of the iMagnitizer and stick it to the back of your laptop, you can use it on either side, or you can buy 2 and use it on both!
On the back of your phone attach the provided metal plate.
Now you can effortlessly attach your phone to the iMagnitizer™via its strong magnets with one hand, no matter what phone or laptop you have, it even works on tablets and monitors.

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